- Jane Jacobs

A good designer does not only listen to the potential user, he works with them, trying to understand their needs by stepping into their shoes. A designer requires an open mind, empathy and a good set of social skills.

About me

Mezzoforte Bianco

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An acoustic accessory


Placed on night stands in hotel rooms, it provides guests with a place to put but their belongings as well as amplifying the music they play from their smart devices.



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Complimentary Tea


A new tea ritual, based on design for happiness. Small intrusive messages remind the drinker of its own achievements, making them feel proud of themselves.



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Control your life with just one button


Home automation has never been easier before. Placed throughout the whole house, every single button controls a preferred moment with the corresponding actions.

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From sketches to digital art


Designs and other creations made in my spare time or for other school projects.